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AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D in Healthcare

Fund Managers with 25+ Years of Experience in the AI in Pharma Industry

Hedged Risk Through Maximum Diversification

Venture 2.0 Novel InvestTech Solutions

AI-Pharma Investment Fund

Competitive Minimum Entry Fees

Enhanced Liquidity

Offers Different Ratios of Liquidity to Profitability

De-risking Investments by Betting on the Rise of Entire AI in Pharma Industry

Capable of Beating Market Index via Active Portfolio Management

Proven Track Record in Deep Analytics of the AI in Pharma Industry


Provides Liquidity Similar to Hedge Funds Combined With Venture Fund Style Objectives


Invests in the Top 10% of Companies in the Longevity Industry


Significantly De-Risks the Interests of Limited Partners and Portfolio


Bets on the Success of the Entire Industry, rather than  of Individual Companies