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AI-Pharma.Capital Fund is a Novel InvestTech Solution: Specialized Hybrid Investment Fund for the AI in Pharma Industry

The Fund strategy aims to deliver capital appreciation through investment in a carefully selected portfolio of companies in the Longevity sector (preventive, regenerative, precision medicine), structuring its portfolio based on sophisticated industry intelligence and comparative analytics provided by the Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics, the world-leading source of market intelligence on the AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Discovery and Advanced R&D sector, and which uses hundreds of quantitative and fact-based parameters to identify prospective investment targets for the fund, utilizing multidimensional analytical frameworks as complex as the industry itself.

AI-Pharma is a hybrid investment fund specifically focused on the AI in Pharma and Drug Discovery sector, backed by seasoned professionals who have been active in both the investment banking and AI for Drug Discovery industries for years, long before the sector was recognized as a serious prospect by the overwhelming majority of investors, and some of whom made their first investments into the sector in 2014.

AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D is considered by the majority of experts and analysts as one of the most prospective sectors in the Pharma industry, with the greatest disruptive potential and capability to increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of developing new drugs, and to improve the performance and profitability of leading Pharma corporations. The sector currently consists of approximately 170 AI-companies, none of which are publicly traded yet, and 400 investors, 97% of which are venture funds. There is no one single specialized, thematic investment fund for this particular sector, and most of the 400 funds which are active in this sphere lack the specific expertise required for making deep due diligence on AI for Drug Discovery startups, especially given its increased complexity compared to the broader BioTech sector, which is multiplied even further by the sector’s extremely high dynamic of innovations and new technology adoption.